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In Central Gaming Network (CGN) there are different types of currencies available on all the network servers.

Main Currencies

Central Bucks (CBucks)

The main and most used currency is Central Bucks (CBucks) available on almost all European and North American servers. Central Bucks (CBucks) are obtainable through completing a variety of quests, bounties, events and or giveaways. On some network server(s) Central Bucks (CBucks) can also be obtained by playing and receiving salaries. Central Bucks can be used for a variety of non-premium or non-exclusive products, kits, blocks, and or other virtual products.

Premium Currency (Gold)

Gold is a special form of in-game currency which is usually purchased with actual money. Unlike Central Bucks (the primary currency of Central Gaming Network), gold is usually very difficult to earn in the game without spending money. Gold is considered a premium currency, and it is used to buy a variety of premium or exclusive products, kits, blocks, and or other virtual products. Gold is not transferable from one account to another, even if they are on the same network server.

Minecraft Network Currencies

Contributor Tokens

Mostly in European and North American servers, Contributor Tokens is the currency used for allowing the player(s) who have either voted or won an event on the network server to access advanced shops through the following command /warp tokens.

Contribution Crystals

Mostly in European and North American servers, Contribution Crystals are given to the player(s) who have provided the Community Development Team (CDT) with information about issues, exploits, bugs and contributed in project creation or, suggestions. Contribution Crystals are considered a rare Currency that can be traded for the various premium or exclusive products, kits, blocks, and or other virtual products at the Legendary Store.

Season Currency

Season Currency is obtainable through each network season. Season Currency can be obtained by selling less useful items, completing quests and participating in special events. Season Currency can be used to purchase festive skins, loot boxes, crate keys, donator packages and other network products.